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Lactose-Free Lifestyle Program

iDNA Health has developed complete Lifestyle Programs to provide support to patients who have lactose intolerance mutations. These programs help patients successfully transition their diets, assess their clinical risk and manage the long-term impact of a lactose-free diet on their gut microbiome.

At iDNA Health we understand how we can improve your tolerance to lactose foods by manipulating your diet and recommending specific probiotics. Adopting a lactose-free diet can lead to decreased levels of galactose which is important for brain and immune function and decreases your absorption of key nutrients, especially calcium and increases your risk of osteoporosis – our Lactose-Free Lifestyle Program assesses and manages these risks for you.

Our personalised Lactose-Free Lifestyle Program includes:

  • 6 x 30 minute consults over 4 months to assess and manage your Gut Microbiome and manage your intake of key nutrients and supplements.
  • Pathology reviews to assess your clinical risk from having lactose intolerance mutations and a follow-up review of your diet and protocol.
  • Personalised online dietary and nutritional platform.
  • Lactose-free lifestyle handbook with delicious lactose-free recipes.
  • Your personalised DNA report which will assess an important gene related to calcium absorption from food and supplements.
  • Gut microbiome test and results.

If you’d like to get started on our Lactose-Free lifestyle program, contact us here.
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