Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid Disease & Type I Diabetes | Case Study

42 years of age
Autoimmune Thyroid Hashimoto’s
Lactose Tolerant

This case study illustrates that once a key genetic mutation has been identified, it directs the practitioner to more specific investigation, not only for the patient, but also for the family.

This patient was shown to be gluten intolerant.

This patient was lactose tolerant.

Impact on her Health
A major concern with this patient is she had a family history of Type I diabetes. Having gluten intolerance mutations is one of the most significant risk factors for developing Type 1 diabetes, so we investigated. Her blood test indicated that her GADA antibodies were significantly raised. These antibodies target and destroy the pancreas, leading to decreased production of insulin and development of Type I diabetes. It is critical for the patient to remove gluten from her diet and have her children screened for gluten intolerance.

Impact on her Family
Because she has a gluten intolerance mutation, her children are at risk of being gluten intolerant, so she had them tested. Her son was gluten tolerant. Her daughter was tested when she was just months old and before being put onto solid foods. Her daughter is gluten INTOLERANT. She will have the benefit of never being introduced to gluten.