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Exercise Genetics

Are you one of the 1.5 billion people who fail to make a key protein in their muscle? How would this impact your exercise selection and performance? Read this before your next workout.

26.02.2020 Exercise Genetics

Use Your DNA to Personalise your Exercise Program. Optimise Results and Limit Injuries

Are you one of the 1.5 billion people who fail to make a key protein in their muscle?

Everyone has the ACTN3 gene, which should produce a protein called alpha-actin-3. How much alpha-actin-3 is produced varies from person to person and is determined by your genetics. Every person will be in one of the following ;

ACTN3 gene works normally as there is no mutation in the gene

  • Produce alpha-actin-3

ACTN3 gene has a SINGLE mutation

  • DECREASED production of alpha-actin-3

ACTN3 gene has a DOUBLE mutation

  • NO PRODUCTION of alpha-actin-3

Producing or not producing this protein changes everything about how you should exercise as it determines:

  • The type of muscle fibre you have, fast twitch or slow twitch
  • How your muscle contracts
  • How your muscle produces energy
  • How quickly you can gain muscle
  • Determines if your muscles can deliver power, strength and speed
  • How much muscle fibre you break down in response to exercise
  • Your fatigue rate
  • Your recovery rate post exercise
  • Your risk of injuries
  • Your strength and limitations in exercise and sports
What is Alpha-Actin-3?

Alpha-actin-3 binds to Actin and determines how your muscle functions. Before you next exercise it is important to know if you produce alpha-actin-3. If you do not produce this protein, there are certain exercises and activities you should never do and other types of exercise you will be very well suited to.

Find out if your make this protein

These DNA-based reports available from iDNA Health assess this gene and your production of alpha-actin-3.

  • Response to Exercise Report 1064
  • Muscle Type, Function and Performance Report 1097

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