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Is Your Diet Doing You Harm?

It can come as an unpleasant surprise to learn that your diet or weight loss program maybe doing you more harm than good. Read this article before you next undertake a ketogenic diet or fasting program.

06.01.2020 DietWeight Loss

Most people assume that if they lose weight the diet has been successful. Genetic research is showing this may not be true, and in fact, it is important that we look deeper and have a better understanding of how our dietary choices and weight loss programs are impacting on our cellular function, not just the number on the scales.

It’s important to lose weight if you’re overweight, but it is also very important that you lose weight in a way that does not inadvertently harm you.

How Your Diet May Harm You

Many of the weight loss diets people are adopting, including ketogenic diets, fasting and partial fasting, may in fact be damaging their cells and the mitochondria within their cells. Most of us are not even aware of how our diets impact right down to the level of cellular function. This is why your diet can be such a powerful tool for supporting your health and wellbeing, but also why it’s so important to be making the right choices.

At iDNA Health we can help you make the best dietary and weight loss choices based upon your DNA. One size does not fit all!

Genetic Mutations Influence the Type of Diet That is Best for You

Ultimately, the fate of the food you eat is to be broken down into carbohydrates, protein (amino acids) and fats, which are transported into your mitochondria and turned into energy. Mitochondria are often referred to as the powerhouses of the cell. They turn your food into energy (ATP) that the cell can use.

Do You Have Mitochondrial Mutations?

Some of you reading this article will have certain mitochondrial mutations, referred to as “inborn errors of metabolism”. These mutations will determine how effectively your mitochondria can use carbohydrates, fats and protein for energy production. If you give your mitochondria what they like, they will reward you. If you give them the type of food they struggle to turn into energy, they will punish you.

Are Your Producing Toxic MMA?

They punish you by producing highly toxic metabolic by-products, one of which is MMA (methylmalonic acid). These mitochondrial mutations and the production of cellular toxins are highly significant and have serious implications for your health and long-term risk of disease. Genetic research is showing that what is happening inside your cells, especially inside your mitochondria, is critical for your wellbeing and how you age. In fact, some longevity researchers believe our priority should be to support the health and function of our mitochondria.

If you have these mutations, you need to be very careful with your weight loss diet. Make the wrong choice and you could significantly damage your mitochondria.

Are Your Mitochondria in Love with Carbs?

Some of you will have mitochondria that are extremely efficient at burning carbohydrates, and in fact burn carbohydrates more effectively than proteins and fats. Is this you? If it is and you strip your carbohydrates out of your diet or reduce them too much, which is often the case when doing a ketogenic diet, or even doing fasting and partial fasting, you can cause significant harm.

Do Your Mitochondria Struggle with Certain Proteins and Fats?

Mitochondrial mutations make it very difficult for you to metabolise certain proteins and fats. This can become a major problem if you go on a ketogenic diet or go on a diet based upon protein powder meal replacement shakes. Is this you? We have had patients report to us that they ended up in hospital when they went on a ketogenic diet. When we have gone in and looked at their DNA it has shown us that they should avoid a ketogenic diet.

Find Out if You Have These Mitochondrial In-Born Errors of Metabolism

At iDNA Health we can quickly and accurately inform you if you have these mitochondrial mutations. We highly recommend you look at this key area of your genetics before you start another weight loss program or change your diet.

Just order your “Response to Diet Types” Report 1093 for $45 and book a 30-minute appointment with one of our practitioners to review. It will forever change the way you look at your diet and weight loss.

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