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Secretor Status Genetic Screening

Screen one of the key genes impacting on your gut microbiome. Most people have never heard the term Secretor Status, but it needs to be your staring point when dealing with your gut microbiome, any gut or autoimmune problems.

Which Secretor Status are you?
  • Strong Secretor
  • Mild Secretor
  • Non-secretor (we’ll give you a hint, you don’t want to be a non-secretor)
Why it’s important to screen for Secretor Status.
  • Everyone should know their secretor status as it plays a major role in how your gut is colonised and what species can and can’t survive in your gut.
  • Your Secretor Status impacts on your health from the minute you are born as your gut microbiome begins to colonise your gut at birth.
  • When treating any gut disorder or disease, the first piece of the puzzle is to determine your secretor status.
  • Your secretor status will impact on every aspect of your gut microbiome, gut metabolic function and gut health.
  • Your secretor status impacts on your immune response and which diseases and infections you are at high risk of.
Why screen through iDNA Health?
  • iDNA Health offers accurate and comprehensive genetic screening for secretor status.
  • In-depth understanding of the significance of your secretor status on your gut microbiome and your health.
Personalised DNA Secretor Status Report.
  • We outline which important gut species will be at risk of being low due to your Secretor Status.
  • We outline your health risks associated with your Secretor Status.
  • Your personalised Secretor Status Diet. What foods are critical to include in your diet based on your secretor status.
  • What key nutritional supplements you need based on your Secretor Status.
  • What key probiotics you need based on your Secretor Status.

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The Secretor Status report is so important you will see it included in many of our Health Report Packages

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