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Want to slow down your ageing?

Here, we share an interesting, lesser-known fact about DNA and rate of ageing.

10.01.2022 Uncategorised

Have you heard of the term ‘telomere’?

For those who are unaware, telomeres are distinctive structures of DNA found at the ends of our chromosomes.

Telomeres are your biological clock, with long telomeres being associated with longevity and good health. For decades, anti-aging researchers have been very interested in what factors shorten or lengthen our telomeres. Now you can use your DNA to get insight into what impacts YOUR telomeres.

By ordering our recently released Response to Diet Report 1093 v4.0 (cost $45), you can find out if a particular type of diet will lengthen your telomeres. You can also find out if alcohol will shorten your telomeres, by ordering the Alcohol Report 1039 v3.0 ($30).

Book a consultation with us to review your upgraded reports. Normally a 30-minute consultation is valued at $90, but right now, we are offering it to you for $50! Both of your reports can be delivered in the same consult.

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