Here are just a few things people frequently ask us about genetic testing.


The cost of genetic testing has decreased rapidly. You can now get very extensive genetic tests for as little as US $99.00. If you calculate conversation rates and shipping and handling costs, an extensive genetic test (approx. 700,000 genes tested) will cost you approximately
AUS $230.00 (subject to change without notice).

In fact, genetic testing is now less expensive than many other health tests, especially when you realise that you never have to repeat your genetic test. You have that information available to you for the rest of your life.


We collect either a saliva sample or simply run a swab along the inside of your cheek. It is quick, non-invasive and not at all painful, and can be done in the clinic during your consult.


In Australia, the number of people who ordered a genetic test last year was more than had been order for the last 10 years combined. 
5 million people around the world have ordered their 23andMe genetic test. It is predicted that in 12 years more than 500 million people worldwide will have a genetic test.

Better Health.
You can begin to engage with personalised health and research is clear that personalised health delivers better health outcomes.
You can be empowered and take charge of your health.
You can stop guessing what you need to do when it comes to your diet, supplements, medications, exercise and lifestyle. 
You can choose what is best for you based upon your genetics.

Focus on the Cause and Stop Treating the Symptoms
Your genetics enables you to focus on the cause, the drivers, rather than treat or suppress the symptoms. You can begin to focus on the key aspects of your health and stop spending time, effort and money on the things that give you very little benefit.

Preventive Health
The current medical model has been symptom focused and disease focused. The healthcare of the future is predictive, preventive health care.

Become Your Own Expert
You start to know what is best for you and stop relying on the health marketing machine to sell you what they think is best for you.
You can now filter all that information through your genetic data.

The Most Significant Medical Advance to Date
Genetic testing will offer us the most significant insight and benefit to our health we have every had and it is here now. We are the first generation to be able to take advantage of this amazing too


Once you have had your genes tested you do not need to retest them as they do not change. If you have not had your whole genome tested, you can test genes you have not had tested to date. Due to the cost, most people do not currently test their whole genome, just certain genes.

Your genetic test contains an enormous amount of information. If you printed your genetic report it would take approximately 9,000 pages. Basically, your raw genetic data is a bunch of numbers and letters and looks like this.

Not very helpful right. Don’t worry. iDNA Health are the experts in clinical genetics. We make your complicated genetic data easy to understand and apply. We take this raw genetic data and generate your personalised reports. We have an extensive list of personalised reports that are available to you and they vary in cost from $15 to $45 per report.

You can order the reports that are of interest to you.

Your personalised reports explain in detail how a particular gene or genes impact on a key aspect of your health, but most importantly your reports provides you with clear advise on diet, supplements and lifestyle habits that are important for you to adopt based upon your genetic results.

Just a small sample of our DNA -Based Personalised Reports:

  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Gut Microbiome Diversity
  • Risk of Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut)
  • Need and Response to Fish Oil Supplementation
  • Vitamin D Pathway
  • What type of Vitamin Bs do I Require
  • Do I Need an Antioxidant Supplement
  • How Effectively do I Absorb Calcium
  • Calcium Intake and Risk of Prostate Cancer
  • Am I a Power Athlete or an Endurance Athlete

Your genetic data can tell you lots of information. You choose what you want to know. And yes, there are genes that can tell you have an increased risk of certain disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. But we encourage you to look at it this way. You have those genetic risks whether you know them or not. By understanding your risks, you can now be proactive and put interventions into place to mitigate those risks.

At iDNA Health we focus on genes that control key pathways and functions and support your health and wellbeing, not just genes that look at disease risk.

Yes you can. If you’re ready to see what your DNA says about your health, simply upload your file here.

Need help to access your 23andMe file? Find out how, here.
Need help to access your AncestryDNA file? Find out how, here.

Your consult may be eligible for a Private Health Fund rebate. Please check with your provider to see if you qualify. Your receipt will have all relevant health fund provider codes and you can submit to your relevant health fund. Hicaps available in clinic for immediate refund.

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