Gut Symptoms, Sinus Issues, Headaches & Osteoporosis | Case Study

54 years of age
Gut Symptoms
Gluten Tolerant

This case study illustrates again how confusing it can be to determine from symptoms if you are either gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant. It also shows how powerful a tool your genetic data is in enabling preventive, predictive healthcare. Certain mutations are associated with a number of health risks. Once you identify a mutation you can investigate your risk for associated health problems.

This patient is gluten tolerant. She thought she was gluten intolerant as she felt that when she ate bread it made her symptoms worse.

In fact, this patient is lactose intolerant.

Impact on her Health
After her genetic test indicated she was lactose intolerant she removed it from her diet. This immediately resulted in her sinus congestion improving. She has not woken with a headache since she has been lactose-free.

Further Investigation
People who are lactose intolerant are at an increased risk of having decreased bone density and developing osteoporosis. This patient was therefore recommended to have a bone density scan to asses her bone health. It was discovered she had osteopenia (decreased bone density, but not yet osteoporosis). We are now using her genetic profile to investigate and address other risk factors related to her bone health.