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It all starts with a DNA sample.

Using your DNA will revolutionise your healthcare and empower you.

Stop guessing and make better choices.

Once we have your DNA we can access an incredible amount of information about your health. In fact, way too much information to tackle all at once. What we do best is interpret your genetic data and present it to you in a way that is very easy to understand.

Please, take the time to look at our Health Report Packages and find the one that best supports your health concerns and health goals. You can also customise your own package. All Health Reports

Our Health Report Packages

Get the Basics Right. Our Most Popular Package.

Complete Diet + Exercise Package

Get equipped with the knowledge to make the best dietary and exercise choices to enhance health and wellbeing.

Focus on health and fitness

Ultimate Health and Fitness Package

This package is very similar to the Complete Diet and exercise Package, but with a stronger focus on fitness and maximising sports performance.

Food Intolerances and Allergies

Food Intolerances + Allergies Package

Accurately identify your food intolerances without the need for elimination diets, food challenges or allergy testing.

Need to Lose Weight?

Kickstart Weight + Wellness Package

Look at your genetics before you start another diet. Identify your key weight loss strategies based on your DNA. No more one size fits all diet plan.

Identify the Drivers of your Autoimmune Disease

Immune + Autoimmune Package

Recommended for those with chronic immune issues or autoimmune disease, including autoimmune skin disorders.

Struggling with Mental Health?

Mental Health + Wellbeing Package

Mental health disorders and symptoms are 50-85% hereditary. How you react to and perform under stress is strongly determined by your genetics.

Want to prevent dementia?

Brain + Memory Package

Genetics plays a major role in your cognition and brain health. Start sooner than later!

Hormones Creating Havoc?

Women's Health and Hormone Package

Covers the key aspects of a woman's health including hormonal health. Your DNA will give you unique insight into your hormone metabolism.

Problems with Acne

Skin Acne Package

Genetic research is giving us unique insight into key drivers of acne. Acne needs to be addressed from the inside out.