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Food Intolerances + Allergies Package

Clearly identify food intolerances and allergies. No guesswork, no elimination diets/challenges/allergy testing. Accurate identification based on your DNA. Highly recommended for anyone with gut symptoms, diagnosed gut disorders, asthma or skin problems. A great place to start with children.

Food Intolerances + Allergies Reports

Gluten Intolerance
Dairy (lactose intolerance, casein sensitivity and cow’s milk allergy reported)
Fructose Intolerance and Malabsorption
Allergies: Food and Environment (includes egg, peanuts, dust mites, grass and more)

Gut and Immune Report

Secretor Status (Gut Microbiome)

Nutritional Report

Vitamin D Pathway

Cost: $199

(normally $250 if reports ordered individually)