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Mental Health + Wellbeing Package

Mental health disorders and symptoms are 50-85% hereditary. How you react to and perform under stress is strongly determined by your genetics. This package is recommended for anyone who is struggling with their mental health.

Key Mental Health Reports

BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor)
COMT Gene: Warrior or Worrier

Food Intolerances + Gut Microbiome Reports

Gluten Intolerance
Dairy (lactose intolerance, casein sensitivity, cow’s milk allergy)
Secretor Status (Gut Microbiome)
Response to Gram Negative Bacteria (Gut Microbiome and Endotoxins)

Lifestyle Reports


Diet Report

Response to Diet Types

Nutritional Reports

Vitamin B Group | Methylation
Vitamin D Pathway
Choline and Phosphatidylcholine
Fish Oil | EPA and DHA
Iron Storage and Hemochromatosis

Cost: $350

(normally $485 if reports ordered individually)