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Skin Acne Package

It is critical to identify food intolerances and allergies. Genetic research is giving us unique insight into other key drivers of acne through mutations involving the androgen receptors and oxidative stress.

Key Acne Reports

Risk of Severe Acne and Androgen Receptor
Antioxidants | Oxidative Stress

Nutrient Reports

CoQ10 | Ubiquinol
Vitamin B | Methylation
Vitamin D Pathway

Food intolerances + Allergies Reports

Gluten Intolerance
Dairy (lactose intolerance, casein sensitivity + cow’s milk allergy)
Fructose Intolerance and Malabsorption
Allergies: Food and Environment

Gut Microbiome and Immune Interaction Reports

Secretor Status (Gut Microbiome)
Lectin (Mannose-Binding Lectin Immune Protein)

Cost: $299

(normally $450 if reports ordered individually)