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Stay Sharp Program

A program to keep you mentally sharp and focused.

Who should do this program?

This is the perfect program for anyone:

  • Interested in keeping their mind sharp and focused with good recall.
  • Over the age of 40.
  • With a family history of Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • Experiencing trouble focusing mentally, finding words, remembering facts and names.

What are the Focus Areas?

Genes Related to Brain Health and Cognition

Genetics plays a major role in how your brain functions and stays healthy. Use your DNA to identify and target your risk factors. Many people are unaware that the number one risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease is genetic. and the research points to early intervention with key diet and lifestyle factors. The right diet can decrease risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 53%.

Nutrients for Brain Health and Cognition

There are key nutrients required to support brain health and cognition. We use your DNA to identify your nutritional priorities and can determine if you need to supplement, and if so, what form and what dose will be effective for you. Individuals who are vegetarians and vegans may be inadvertently stripping key nutrients from their diet and need to ensure they are supplementing and/or including suitable dietary alternatives.


What’s Included in this program?

DNA Test
  • In-house DNA test (we will get your DNA under way if you haven’t done a DNA test yet).
  • We can use your 23andme of Ancestry if you’ve done either of these.
Personalised Program
  • Personalised DNA-based Stay Sharp Program
Specialist Appointments
  • Initial Consult DNA Test and Assessment (30 min)
  • Review of Personalised Program and DNA Reports (60 min)
  • Week 1 of Program (60 min consult)
  • Week 2 of Program (30 min consult)
  • Week 3 of Program (30 min consult)
  • Week 4 of Program (30 min consult)
  • Week 5 of Program (30 min consult)
  • Week 6 of Program (30 min consult)
DNA Reports

We prepare 13 DNA reports and turn this information into your personalised treatment plan which we will use to guide you through your program.

Key Brain and Cognition Genes Reports

Understand more about the intolerances you may have including;

  • APOE (dementia gene)
  • BDNF (nerve growth factor)
  • Clusterin (oxidative stress within the brain)
  • Picalm (stress and the brain)
  • Complement Receptor (immune function and the brain)
  • MCP1 (neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration)
Nutrition Reports
  • Vitamin B | Methylation (recommendations on how to support one of your most critical biological pathways with the right supplements).
  • Vitamin D
  • CoQ10
  • Fish Oil
  • Choline/Phosphatidylcholine
  • Antioxidants
  • Iron

How much does it cost?

This package is available for $1,640

*Payment is upfront or finance can be arranged via ZipPay.
* Discount of $250 is available for clients who already have a DNA test.