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Knowledge is Power

Having my DNA done and assessed by iDNA Health is as important to me as the birth of my two children. I have had some serious health issues and I felt like my GP and associate specialists here in Australia were fluffing around the edges of my conditions with no clear direction or answers.

Now having had my DNA assessed, I have a clear understanding of my personal genetic weaknesses and strengths, and more importantly what I need to do to strengthen the weaker genetic areas specifically related to my conditions.
The important dietary and lifestyle changes are easy to implement because the solutions suggested by iDNA Health are based on real research around specific genes that can and have caused me trouble in the past.

I began with the 12-week detox program and focused on my top 10 detox fruit and vegetables. I feel fantastic, have lost over 12kgs and have energy to burn. I feel like my body just loves the solutions and is thanking me.

This is the health care of the future, and guess what, it is available right now!

Melbourne, Victoria


I am in my 70’s and have been a patient of iDNA Health for the past ten years. I came to the clinic with some serious health issues including breast cancer. Since my first visit my health has continued to improve, to the point where I can say that I am now enjoying the best health for almost forty years. 

The practitioners at iDNA Health do not make any outlandish claims, but  offer pathways to helping their patients understand how to improve their health. With their knowledge and experience in interpreting a person’s DNA profile they offer advice on where one can improve diet and lifestyle, help you choose the correct supplements and herbal remedies, and continue to assist you on the journey of healthy living, which is what I now experience. 

I recommend iDNA Health in the highest possible echelon.

Perth, Western Australia


About 3 years ago I had a heart attack; which thankfully I survived. This resulted in me having to undergo an extensive recovery program and also place my life in the hands of my GP and Cardiologist. I had to take medication for my heart and cholesterol and an antidepressant. I also took a daily multivitamin, and Vitamin E and Vitamin C because I thought these would help me. I subsequently met Sharon and had my DNA profile and pathology analysed by her at iDNAHealth. During my consultation I learnt some amazing things. Life changing.

First: One of my pathology readings, which can indicate a serious side effect from my statin drug, was very high. Neither my GP or cardiologist had considered or even noticed, which concerned me and I subsequently looked for a new Doctor and Cardiologist and am reviewing my medication.

Second: I learned I should not be taking a multivitamin, Vitamin E or Vitamin C, as in some people a Vitamin C supplement actually increases damage to the blood vessels, and Vitamin E only has cardiovascular benefit in some people. I’m happy to say I have thrown out all my supplements (which saved me a fortune) and now just take the supplements indicated by my genetic report.

Third: I should never drink coffee. My genetic report indicates I am very slow in metabolising caffeine, which means my adrenaline response to coffee is high, it increases my anxiety and increases my risk of a heart attack. I have now stopped drinking coffee. Guess what, I’m also eating better, I feel better, my blood pressure and blood chemistry look good and I no longer need an antidepressant.

Wow… thank you so much iDNA Health. I’ve had a number of practitioners review my DNA report. None of them knew how to interpret it properly or even mentioned my genes as they related to my cardiovascular health. Had I had my DNA reviewed by iDNA Health 3 years ago before my heart attack, I would have immediately been aware of my high risk of heart attack and had the investigative tests you recommend. 

I highly recommend iDNA Health to anyone who is concerned about their health

Melbourne, Victoria


Firstly, I felt better about my previous struggles, knowing there was an underlying genetic reason
for my obesity and yo-yo weight gains. I felt better about the fact that it had a root cause.
I suppose I could have felt powerless to do much about it but instead it energised me to fight against it.
I am actually proud of myself for losing weight. My genetic profile would indicate this is very difficult for me and I am prone to rebound weight gain. It also encourages me to fight harder to not allow myself to regain. I don’t think I can get away with things anymore. Also, there was always a point in the past when I assumed I could eat normally. 

Now I have much more information and it enables me to talk straight to myself. In food terms it has changed my whole way of eating. I found that I cannot tolerate a high intake of saturated fats and my body is designed to store these. As a result, I do not generally eat meat or animal fats like hard cheese. I love cheese and wine, I just don’t eat the cheese any more. (I am still working on the wine).

It makes it much easier to maintain my weight loss. There are times when I do eat them but very rarely. The point is, I can now make an informed choice. Overall, I would say that this is the best decision I have made as it has given me information that has helped me make sense of my struggles and gives me tools to make decisions for the future.

I just can’t kid myself anymore as I know the truth!

Jenny B
Perth, Western Australia

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