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Elly Mobilia

Clinical Genetics Nutritionist | Clinical Co-Ordinator

Head Practitioner of;
Children’s Food Intolerance, Allergy + Skin Program
Kickstart Weight + Wellness Program

Elly has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition Bioscience and a strong interest in pediatric nutrition and food intolerances.

Our patients have great clinical outcomes as they work with Elly on their DNA-based diet and undertake the programs she specialises in delivering. We have received so many letters and testimonials thanking Elly for making a real difference and for her knowledge and dedication.

Elly’s interest in skin health has led her to undertake additional studies and she will soon complete her Graduate Diploma in Dermal Science.

Please read what our patients who have worked with Elly have to say. Add button to link to Success “Diet + Food Intolerances + Gut”

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