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What We Do

Ground-Breaking Healthcare

iDNA Health is the first clinic in Australia to provide access to personalised healthcare through ground-breaking genetic science.

Experts in Clinical Genetics

We are the experts in Clinical Genetics and have a decade of experience in a field most practitioners know nothing about.

Science-Based Recommendations and Treatment

We don’t make any recommendations to you about your health, your diet, your supplements or exercise until we have your genetic data. Then we use the latest scientific research to interpret your DNA so you can take action and implement changes that will make a difference to your health.

What we hear over and over again from our patients is they like that we offer a science-based approach. Many people are very confused with the mixed messages about health and often don’t know where to start or who to trust, or have seen so many practitioners and tried so many different diets and supplements with very little success.

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Personalised Health Reports

From your genetic data we can generate hundreds of reports related to your health and wellbeing. We package these reports to target the health problems we see most frequently, but feel free to mix and match based on your needs. Our practitioners will also guide you in this selection.

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Personalised Programs

We have a range of programs that are focused on key aspects of health and wellbeing. We have treated thousands of patients and our programs have been developed to treat the types of health problems we see frequently. Our programs are designed to deliver results.

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Independent Validation

Don’t just take our word for it. A key objective of iDNA Health is to offer our patients the most advanced and science-backed approach to their health. We are the only company we know that is undertaking an independent validation process of our research and clinical interventions. We give you information and advise you can trust.

Research-Based Clinic

iDNA is operating under an R&D Research Grant and our project aim is to develop a;

“Genome Based Practitioner Healthcare System – Improving Public Health: Designing a preventive and pre-emptive capability for improving public health and well-being, using Personalised Genome-based Healthcare, based upon translational genomics”.