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Success Stories

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Diet + Food Intolerances + Gut

Help after years of struggles with gut and diet.

For years I’ve struggled to with my diet and gut issues. Elly from iDNA has been instrumental in helping me to foster a positive relationship with food, her in depth knowledge and around the clock support has been so helpful to me over the past few months. I have recommended her to friends and family who are now working with her to improve their health. Thank you so much for all your hard work Elly, much appreciated!
– Erica P

Wish I had known I was gluten intolerant before having children.

I definitely would have appreciated knowing I had gluten intolerance gene mutations prior to having children, and understanding that if I had these mutations then my children were also at risk of being gluten intolerant and at risk of celiac disease. My son was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 10.  When he was born he suffered from severe reflux and a resulting ear condition meant he was on antibiotics for an extended period when he was 12-18 months old. I feel strongly that this played a large role in his eventual celiac diagnosis. If I had understood his risk, I could have easily restricted his diet and monitored him more closely, knowing what signs to look out for.
– Lydia E

Stomach issues have all disappeared.

After battling with stomach issues as a child, and recently having more severe and ongoing abdominal pain, bloating and nausea, Elly was so amazing and has helped me to feel the best I’ve felt in a long time. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and nutrition, looking deeper at the reasons why issues may be occurring, rather than simply looking at it from a surface level.

After discovering that I was in fact gluten and casein intolerant, she was able to help me begin my journey of re-shaping my diet and lifestyle to fit these intolerances. I am now been dairy and gluten free and have so much more energy, all my stomach issues have disappeared and I’m even sleeping better too. I highly recommended Elly, she genuinely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to help them feel the best they possibly can.
– Bethany B

Health was going from bad to worse.

I have been suffering with stomach problems for years and it was only recently that my stomach has started causing all sorts of issues like liver infections, joint pain vomiting and all sorts. I was getting to a point where I felt anxious about eating food as I was unaware of what would trigger me. I’ve ran tests before and nothing has shown up and I never would have linked these to a food intolerance if I hadn’t come across Elly on Instagram. She has gone above and beyond to find the cause of my issues, explaining my results and making me feel calm about the whole process. She is an absolute angel and I can’t thank her enough for all the help she has given me.
–  Sanja M

Will be getting my child tested for gluten intolerance at birth.

My first memory of symptoms was around age 16. I was very overweight for my age, suffered from bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. Pasta and bread were a big part of our diet. Finally, at the age of 32 my genetic test has confirmed I am gluten intolerant. Genetic testing has helped me piece together the missing pieces and answer the question as to why I wouldn’t feel right after eating certain foods. It’s empowered me to make better choices around my diet and will help me avoid the autoimmune diseases that are so noticeable in my family. I intend on genetically testing my baby who will be born in August, for gluten intolerance mutations, so she doesn’t need to suffer the way I have with food intolerances and take out a lifetime of guess work.
–  LW

Problems relieved

I’ve suffered from bloating, a sore stomach, fatigue, insomnia and foggy brain for as long as I can remember but Elly has helped me relieve all of those problems with the DNA test. I now know what my body can and can’t handle and I feel so much healthier all-round. I no longer have sleepless nights and my energy is slowly coming back. Elly really goes above and beyond to help her clients.

–  Simmy

Help identifying my food intolerances.

I have struggled with bloating and nausea from my diet and couldn’t figure out the reason why. After seeing Elly at IDNA, she has help me identify my issues with being Lactose Intolerant. I’m very stubborn with foods but Elly has been so helpful giving me different alternatives for my diet and I feel great now, I would recommend seeing her if you are having any issues or just want to find out about your DNA.

–  Stefani L

Energy and Wellbeing. I feel fantastic

I’ve been going to see Sharon and Elly for a few months now, and whilst it’s been a challenge to implement some changes, I can assure you they have indeed changed my life. People have been complimenting my skin, my figure, my moods and above all, I actually agree with these compliments! I feel fantastic! I feel so happy! My new lifestyle as guided by iDNA services has been phenomenal. Super affordable and well worth it. Do yourself a favour and book an appointment today.
–  Ashleigh L

I was amazed.

I decided to have my DNA done for a bit of fun! Wow! I was amazed at the discoveries that Elly & Sharon have shared with me. I feel so much better, my mind is clearer with everyday things, I have more energy, my body feels so much cleaner. I’m loving my decision to have a bit of fun! Thanks so much, team.
–  Belinda D

Headaches Gone

I have struggled through years of constant headaches, bloating, digestion issues, low energy and overall health issues with no answers. Elly from iDNA health has given me those answers and I am finally starting to feel better. The headaches have gone, I have a spring in my step, and I can feel my insides smiling at me. Elly has helped me to understand the new changes to my diet and she is always willing and available to assist. She was amazingly comprehensive, friendly and knowledgeable. I can’t thank her enough for giving me a new lease on life!

–  Bianca B

Headaches, bloating and skin problems all resolved.

After battling with severe bloating, constant headaches and breakouts in my skin, Elly finally helped me find the root cause of my problems. Turns out I have some severe food intolerances and gut issues which have been the major cause of these problems. I feel fantastic now with all the above-mentioned issues completely gone.

iDNA Health provided me with in-depth reports and information regarding my health which has allowed me to learn a-lot about myself and the health issues I am faced with. I highly recommend Elly and Sharon from iDNA and thank them for the professionalism and dedicated approach to get to the bottom of my symptoms!

– Zach S


Weight and Obesity

My Fight with Obesity

When I looked at my genetic data, firstly, I felt better about my previous struggles, knowing there was an underlying genetic reason for my obesity and yo-yo weight gains. I felt better about the fact that it has a root cause. I suppose I could have felt powerless to do much about it, but instead it energised me to fight against it. I am actually proud of myself for losing weight. My genetic profile indicates this is very difficult for me and I’m prone to rebound weight gain.

I don’t think I can get away with things anymore. Now I have more information it enables me to talk straight with myself. In food terms it has changed my whole way of eating. It makes it much easier to maintain my weight loss. Overall, this has been the best decision I have made.

– Jenny B

Struggled my whole life with food

I’ve recently done my DNA testing with Elly to find out my intolerances and I am currently on her wellness/clean eating/weight loss program. Coming from someone who has struggled my entire life with my relationship with food, I highly recommend this testing for a definite answer to your diet.

Elly is well informed with intolerances, explains all aspects of your personalised nutrition thoroughly and is good to have a laugh with. I’m enjoying my journey with Elly and highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a good nutritionist.

– Erica F


Ulcerative colitis

Wow, I’m absolutely blown away with my husbands results & how amazing you’ve been with him! Thank you so much Sharon! I’ve read through his health reports and there is literally everything in there! We’ve both been researching like crazy and are so into looking after his health and keeping our whole family healthy and hopefully preventing illnesses for our sons down the track!




Standout personal training

Have been a competitive athlete and bodybuilder in the past and had many different personal trainers. I needed to improve my fitness and lose weight after lockdown. Sylvester’s training was a standout. Focused and well-prepared and tailored to my muscle fibre-type based on my DNA.

– SP

Tendon injury resolved after diet changed.

I went to see Elly to find out my intolerances out of curiosity after always feeling and looking bloated which was affecting many aspects of my life. Elly went through my intolerances in great detail in a way that was easy to understand, and she helped me put everything into practice. Since I have stopped eating gluten and dairy, which I found out I am intolerant to, I have not had one night where I have gone to bed feeling sick and my bloating has stopped, which has made me feel so much more confident.

What surprised me the most is that since I have stopped eating these my long-term tendon injury which is caused by inflammation has recovered after 7 months of rehab and physios and nothing working, this has been the only thing to have worked.

Elly helped me by giving suggestions of meals and alternatives to different things so I can still enjoy the meals and foods I love by just tweaking some things. I would recommend going to see Elly even if you are just curious about your intolerances you will not regret it, it is so easy and such an enjoyable experience. :)

– Teagan B

Power of Personalised Healthcare

Enjoying my best health in over 40 years

I am in my 70’s and have been a patient of iDNA Health for the past 10 years. I came to the clinic with some serious health issues including breast cancer. Since my first visit my health has continued to improve, to the point where I can say that I am now enjoying the best health in almost forty years.

The practitioners at iDNA Health do not make outlandish claims but offer pathways to helping their patients understand how to improve their health. With their knowledge and experience in interpreting a person’s DNA profile they offer advice on where one can improve diet and lifestyle, help you chose the correct supplements and herbal remedies, and continue to assist you on the journey of healthy living, which is what I now experience.

I recommend iDNA Health in the highest possible echelon.

– PL

Blown away.

After battling with health niggles, issues & frustrations for over 5 years, I am BLOWN AWAY at the depth of information and support given to me from iDNA! Elly made me feel comfortable and heard as we had our first consultation. Then again receiving my results, she was clear and so supportive through explanation and creating a plan to suit ME best.

If you’re after individualised, thorough, supportive and fully comprehensive guidance – Elly delivers nothing short of excellence!!

– Eka M

Long term health planning.

Sharon is brilliant, you really get a sense for long term health planning and it’s all using natural supplements.

– AD


Nothing but amazing things to say about iDNA. Elly Mobilia is an amazing nutritionist who has helped me resolve issues I thought I would never find answers too (or that they were linked to my diet!) The personalised reports are both informative and educational, which has helped me understand a lot about my own needs.

I have recommended many people to Elly, with all of them being glad I did so!! I am so impressed with all the hard work Elly puts into helping her patients and I will continue to recommend my family and friends to iDNA.

– Tiphany K

Knowledge is Power.

Having my DNA done and assessed by iDNA Health is as important to me as the birth of my two children. I have had some serious health issues and I felt like my GP and associate specialists here in Australia were fluffing around the edges of my conditions with no clear direction or answers. Now having had my DNA assessed, I have a clear understanding of my personal genetic weaknesses and strengths, and more importantly what I need to do to strengthen the weaker genetic areas specifically related to my conditions.

The important dietary and lifestyle changes are easy to implement because the solutions suggested by iDNA Health are based on real research around specific genes that can and have caused me trouble in the past.

I began with the 12-week detox program and focused on my top 10 detox fruit and vegetables. I feel fantastic, have lost over 12kgs and have energy to burn. I feel like my body just loves the solutions and is thanking me.
This is the health care of the future, and guess what, it is available right now!


Tailored for each patient.

Sharon is a very skilled and caring practitioner. Her therapies are effective and are tailored for each patient. iDNA’s rooms on Cedric Street are professional and easy to find, with good parking. I highly recommend Sharon Palmer and iDNA.

– CG

One size does not fit all.

About 3 years ago I had a heart attack, which thankfully I survived. This resulted in me having to undergo an extensive recovery program, and to place my life in the hands of my GP and Cardiologist. I had to take medication for my heart and cholesterol and an antidepressant. I also took a daily multivitamin, and Vitamin E and Vitamin C because I thought these would help me. I subsequently met Sharon and had my DNA profile and pathology analysed by her at iDNA Health.

During my consultation I learnt some amazing things. Life changing
First: One of my pathology readings, which can indicate a serious side effect from my statin drug, was very high. Neither my GP or cardiologist had considered or even noticed, which concerned me, and I subsequently looked for a new Doctor and Cardiologist and am reviewing my medication.

Second: I learned I should not be taking a multivitamin, Vitamin E or Vitamin C, as in some people a Vitamin C supplement can increase damage to the blood vessels, and Vitamin E only has cardiovascular benefit in some people. I’m happy to say I have thrown out all my supplements (which saved me a fortune) and now just take the supplements indicated by my genetic report.

Third: I should never drink coffee. My genetic report indicates I am very slow in metabolising caffeine, which means my adrenaline response to coffee is high, it increases my anxiety and increases my risk of a heart attack. I have now stopped drinking coffee. Guess what, I’m also eating better, I feel better, my blood pressure and blood chemistry look good and I no longer need an antidepressant.

Wow… thank you so much iDNA Health. I’ve had a number of practitioners review my DNA report. None of them knew how to interpret it properly or even mentioned my genes as they related to my cardiovascular health. Had I had my DNA reviewed by iDNA Health 3 years ago before my heart attack, I would have immediately been aware of my high risk of heart attack and had the investigative tests you recommend.

I highly recommend iDNA Health to anyone who is concerned about their health.


Insight I needed.

I went to see Elly at iDNA after feeling bloated, fatigued and sluggish for some time. Shedding weight has always been easy enough for me to do in the past however I was finding it increasingly harder and wanted a clear answer if I had food intolerance or if growing older and a slow metabolism was the reasoning.

Well boy was I right to suspect a problem. After a quick easy test my results came back within a few weeks. Elly was a wealth of knowledge about my symptoms and confirmed food intolerances. She made me feel relaxed and assured me that there are many ways to still enjoy food and dine out and we would work together to learn how.

What really blew me away though was the level of information provided to me that also extended to my children. I was immediately told about how my DNA has affected them both (food intolerance) and I had the power now to provide my children optimal nutrition for their bodies which are affected by my genetics.

Elly is knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about health and nutrition. If you have any concerns about your health, or even curious about how foods may or may not affect you and or your children, definitely visit iDNA Health. It is worth it.

– Amanda B