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iDNA Health is the first DNA-focused clinic in Australia, providing access to personalised healthcare through ground-breaking genetic science.

We are the experts in Clinical Genetics and have over a decade of experience in this field. We are focused on helping everyone flourish and live healthier, more energised lives. We work with our clients to give them insight and understanding into their DNA and provide targeted, effective solutions to enhance their health and wellness.

We are passionate about how DNA can support people in making better choices regarding their health. Our experienced, expert team will guide you on your personalised health journey

Our Team

Clinical Director | Clinical Genetics

Sharon Palmer

Founder of iDNA Health, Sharon Palmer was a very early adopter of using genetics in her practice.

Practice Manager

Heather Duttson

Heather supports our Practitioners and Client Services Team and ensures the day-to-day operations of our clinic run smoothly.

Clinical Genetics Nutritionist | Clinical Co-Ordinator

Elly Mobilia

Elly has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition Bioscience and a strong interest in paediatric nutrition, food intolerances and gut health.

Clinical Genetics Naturopath

Hemitta Magan

Hemitta is a qualified Naturopath and has a strong interest in autoimmune conditions and women's health concerns.

Clinical Genetics Nutritionist

Renae Cinanni

Renae has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine, she has an interest in women's health specialising in thyroid conditions.

Clinical Genetics Naturopath

Kiara Davidoff

Kiara has a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, she has a interest in weight management, gut health, sleep issues and mental health.

Associate Professor | Clinical Neurosciences

Hamid Sohrabi

Dr Sohrabi’s research is focused on cognitive ageing, diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s, as well as preventative interventions.

World-Leading Researcher in Ageing and Alzheimer's Disease

Prof Ralph Martins AO

Prof Martins through his company Smart Minds WA, works with iDNA Health to provide assessments to our patients who have high-risk Alzheimer's genes.

Chief Technology Officer

Dino Appla

An expert in software design and development, Dino works to deliver our exclusive and personalised genetic-based health reports.

Clinical Services

Tyler Phillips

Studying a Biomedical Degree, his plan is to go into research related to Viruses. Tyler is a key member of our Clinical Services Team.

Clinical Services

Nikki Lavender

Studying a Biomedical Science degree and she has a keen interest in micro-biology. Nikki is a key member of our Clinical Services Team.

Clinical Services

Nicole Coates

Nicole is a key member of our Clinical Services Team and is one of the friendly faces greeting you when you visit or call the clinic.