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Sharon Palmer

Clinical Director | Clinical Genetics


Sharon is the Founder and Clinical Director of iDNA Health, and has extensive experience in Clinical Genetics.

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  • Specialised in Clinical Genetics for 13 years and has treated thousands of patients for a wide range of health conditions using their genetic data. Sharon has seen first hand how genetics can support people with better understanding and outcomes around all aspects of health.
  • Developed a Software Platform to enhance and facilitate the application of Clinical Genetics.
  • Developed extensive Clinical Genetics training modules and education. Sharon has trained and supported hundred’s of GP’s and allied health professionals around the world.
  • Business Development Manager for an international genetic profiling company.
  • Host of Podcast ‘Genetics Decoded’ which examines how our genetic data can be used to support our health and assist us in making better decisions related to diet and nutrition, supplements, exercise and lifestyle choice.


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