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Food Intolerances and Allergies Program

Accurately and easily identify your food intolerances and environmental allergens. No guesswork, no elimination diets or food challenges, no allergy testing.
Clear guidance based on the latest DNA-based research.

Who should do this program?

This program is highly recommended for infants and children, but is also suitable for adults with:

  • Skin rashes, skin inflammation, itchy skin, diagnosed skin disorder such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Gut symptoms such as pain, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating.
  • Asthma
  • Colic
  • Ear infections.
  • Sinus issues, blocked nose, runny nose and eyes.
  • Autoimmune condition or have family members with autoimmune disorders.
  • Poor sleep.
  • Tired and lethargic.
  • Fussy eaters

Key Focus Areas

Early Intervention

Identifying and addressing food intolerances and allergies in infants and young children is particularly important as they can increase the risk of asthma and development of autoimmune diseases later in life, through what is termed “allergic march”. We recommend all parents screen their children for food intolerances and allergies prior to introducing solids. We can swab infants at birth.

Identifying Food Intolerances

Twin studies have shown that food allergies are 80% hereditary. The part of the human genome that determines our response to food has the highest number of mutations. How we respond to food is very individual and can manifest in a multitude of symptoms. Most people with food intolerances do not get obvious gut or skin symptoms, and research shows that those self-diagnosing their food intolerances are often wrong.

Identifying Environmental Triggers

Your DNA will identify environmental triggers such as dust mites, grass, cigarette smoke, indoor allergens playing a role in atopic allergies.

Ensure Nutritional Level and Status

When removing foods groups from a child’s diet it is particularly important to ensure their daily nutritional needs are met. Our Clinical Nutritionist will ensure that your child does not become deficient in key nutrients and other foods are incorporated into the diet to maintain nutritional status.

What’s Included in this program?

DNA Test
  • In-house DNA test (we will get your DNA under way if you haven’t done a DNA test yet).
  • We can use your 23andme of Ancestry if you’ve done either of these.
DNA Reports (6 reports)
Food intolerances + Allergies Reports

Any food intolerance we identify will be accounted for in your personalised eating program.

  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Dairy (lactose intolerance, casein sensitivity and cow’s milk allergy)
  • Fructose Intolerance
  • Allergies: Food and Environment (includes egg, peanuts, dust mites, grass and more)
Gut and Immune Report
  • Secretor Status (Gut Microbiome)
Nutritional Report
  • Vitamin D Pathway (major role in allergies)

Personalised Treatment Program

Your DNA will accurately and easily enable us to identify your food intolerances and allergies and environmental triggers. Your DNA enables you to look even more deeply and more thoroughly into the role of the gut microbiome and tailor your program based upon your Secretor Status.


  • Initial Consult: DNA Test and Health Assessment (30 min)
  • Review of Personalised Program, Treatment Plan and DNA Reports (60 min)
  • Consult 1 of Program – Food Intolerances (30 min)
  • Consult 2 of Program – Food Intolerances | Cross Reactivity (30 min)
  • Consult 3 of Program – Environmental Triggers (30 min)
  • Consult 4 of Program – Environmental Triggers (30 min)
  • Consult 5 of Program – Gut Microbiome | Immune Response | Inflammatory Response (30 min)
  • Consult 6 of Program – Vitamin D | Allergies | Immunity (30 min)

How much does it cost?

$1,460.00 (any products recommended will be additional)

Use our Direct Debit Payment Plan and pay off weekly or fortnightly.