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Fitness Program

A program for the person whose goal is to get fit.
66% of athletic performance is related to your genes.
Use your sports genetics to improve your fitness, achieve better outcomes and limit injuries.

Who should do this program?

This is the perfect program for anyone:

  • Wanting to focus on their fitness.
  • Wanting to improve their sporting performance.
  • Who wants to gain insight into their sports-related strengths and weaknesses.
  • Who wants to train and exercise smarter.
  • With a history of sporting injuries.

What are the Focus Areas?

Genes Related to Sports

Research into genetics and sports performance has been ongoing for over a decade. You can now take advantage of this research to enhance your performance and mitigate injury risk. We will assess the genes that determine the type of muscle fibre you have, which has a major role to play in the type of exercise and sport you are best suited to and what you should avoid. Your genes will tell us if you’re a power or an endurance athlete; how to best train; and best time to train.

Baseline Assessment and Personalised Program

We will get a baseline of your anthropometric measures, current fitness level and fitness goals, and along with your DNA data, develop a personalised exercise program. We can work with all fitness levels, from the very unfit to the competitive athlete.  Your program will be tailored to your fitness level.

Nutritional and Food Behaviour Analysis

Our Clinical Nutritionist will conduct an in-depth review of your current food intake, habits and eating patterns. This will help us identify key areas that will need to be targeted during your program.

DNA-Based Personal Training

A 6-week personalised exercise program will be developed for you. You will work with our personal trainer who has a Biomedical degree with an Honour’s in Genetics. You will have a one-on-one personal training session each week and will be amazed at the improvement in your fitness and wellbeing.

What’s Included in this program?

DNA Test
  • In-house DNA test (we will get your DNA under way if you haven’t done a DNA test yet).
  • We can use your 23andme of Ancestry if you’ve done either of these.
Personalised Program
  • Personalised 6-week DNA-based Fitness Program
Specialist Appointments
  • Initial Consult DNA Test and Assessment (30 min)
  • Review of Personalised Program and DNA Reports (60 min)
  • Review Consult (30 min)
Personal Training Sessions

6 x 30 min Personal Training Sessions with our Personal Trainer who specialises in exercise genetics.

DNA Reports

We prepare 2 DNA reports and turn this information into your personalised treatment plan which we will use to guide you during your fitness program.

Sports Reports
  • Muscle Fibre Type
  • Response to Exercise

How much does it cost?

This package is available for $1,255

*Payment is upfront or finance can be arranged via ZipPay.
* Discount of $250 is available for clients who already have a DNA test.