Secretor Status Test | Genetic Screening

Why it’s important to screen for Secretor Status.

  • Everyone should know their secretor status.
  • Your Secretor Status impacts on your health from the minute you are born.
  • When treating any gut disorder or disease, the first piece of the puzzle is to determine your secretor status.
  • Your secretor status will impact on every aspect of your gut microbiome, gut metabolic function and gut health.
  • Your secretor status impacts on your immune response and which diseases and infections you are at high risk of.

Why screen through iDNA Health?

  • iDNA Health offers the most accurate and comprehensive genetic screening for secretor status.
  • We assess all four genes that impact on secretor status, not just one gene.
  • In-depth understanding of the significance of your secretor status on your gut microbiome and your health.
  • iDNA Health provides the best and most comprehensive report on your Secretor Status.

Personalised DNA Secretor Status Report.

  • We outline which important gut species will be at risk of being low due to your Secretor Status.
  • We outline your health risks associated with your Secretor Status.
  • Your personalised Secretor Status Diet. What foods are critical to include in your diet based on your secretor status.
  • What key nutritional supplements you need based on your Secretor Status.
  • What key probiotics you need based on your Secretor Status.

Our experienced, expert team will guide you on your personalised health journey, contact us and get started today.